Our Partners

Strong, strategic alliances with partners underpins our success.

We understand that our continued success requires strong partnerships up and down the sales channel.

We are proud to be working with long-term, strategic focus with many of our market leading vendors. These relationships allow us to continually deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers.

Additionally, we appreciate that in many vertical markets the quality, sector specific knowledge provided by our reseller partners brings tremendous incremental value to all parties when applied on top of our infrastructure.

Strong, collaborative vendor partnerships for the long term.

Our network of resellers bring sector-specific expertise for win-win.

Innovating with Cisco Broadsoft in the United Kingdom.

Our relationship with Broadsoft in the UK is a good example of how we work with our partners collaboratively, bringing commercial flexibility and an entrepreneurial DNA that allows us to be innovative.

Our management team established the first Broadsoft platform in the UK at a time when it wasn’t the obvious choice. Since then we have gone on to establish 6 of the 13 platforms currently operating.

Our unique commercial relationship gives us freedom and flexibility with the Broadsoft product, allowing us to create value propositions that cannot be matched.

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