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Table of Contents

Create a New Device

Every device you wish to connect to AVC One system needs a Device Profile configured.

The device is then associated to one or more Users, with a Line/Port being used as the unique identifier for that association in the system.  It is this Line/Port that is used in the registration process to determine which device(s) to alert when a user’s account is called

Note: Where you are trying to configure multiple devices on a single account, use the feature Shared Call Appearance

To create a new Device Profile, browse to the Group the device should be in, then hover over “Add” and select “Device”.

First you will be asked for a Device Name. Every device in the system must have a unique name, therefore we recommend using a naming convention like groupId-phonemodel-number. A real life example of that could be “AVC One-polycom335-1”.

Next, select the Device Type from the drop-down list.  These are all the devices supported by AVC One and enabled for Device Management.  If your device is not listed, please raise a ticket.  You will probably need to use the Generic SIP Phone device type, and will need to be created on Broadworks directly.

The MAC Address should be entered as is appears on your device, it is normally located on a sticker located on the base or back of the device.  It is a 12 character hexidecimal string, in order words it only contains the digits 0 through 9, and the letters A through F.

The IP Address and Port fields should be left blank, and the Transport field should be left as ‘Unspecified’.  Please see the article on Customising Device Management  via Tags for details on how to specify that your device should use SIP over UDP or TCP.

Click Submit to create the device.

Possible Errors

  • Failed to add: [Error 4511] MAC Address is in use by another device
    • Please check other devices in this and other groups.  The MAC Address must be unique on the platform and so you will need to edit, or delete the existing device profile before creating this one.  In you cannot find the offending device, please raise a ticket and we will search the entire platform for you.

Creating a Common Phone List

Left click and drag to select the cells where you are going to put names/numbers, and perform the following formatting.

Ensure that the contacts are in the above format (paying particular attention to the leading zero as excel likes to remove this however as you’ve formatted the cells to be text you should be able to re-add it).

Then ensure that the file is saved in the correct .csv format  

Then to check it is formatted correctly open it with notepad and you should see the following.

Remove any extra commas that excel produced when you formatted the cells, then save the file.

You will then be able to upload this as a common phone list.

Please see that attached file for the above example file complete.
Please be aware if opened in excel after saved as .csv excel will not keep the formatting when opened and will remove the leading zero phone all phone numbers if saved).

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