Software Development

Software – App Development – Big Data Analytics

At the heart of deep and long-standing customer relationships and business growth is insight and user experience.

At the heart of this experience is software and app-based products that are designed around your end user while at the same time fitting the needs and workflows your company.

It creates an optimal experience for both internal users and customers.

Why AVC One for software, application and data analytics?

We are expert in providing custom web design and app development with the highest levels of usability, scalability, and compatibility. With consistency across browsers and devices, as well as access to insights, services to your customers can be optimised and budget maximised.

  • Mobile App Development: AVC ensure from initial application concept to application development, that your needs are met, no matter how diverse or complex.
  • QR Coding: Help your customers build relationships, reducing time from first contact to service interaction, improving the customer experience and internal process time, as well as follow-up brand interaction.
  • Asset Tracking: Asset tracking allows you to meet the traceability requirements of your most demanding customers with minimum effort. Adding value to your produce and boosting your capabilities.
  • Web App Development: Planning, development, and maintenance underpin our web app development process. Software solutions are delivered through cloud-based technologies, providing strong results in efficiency, control, quality and brand protection.
  • Cloud-based Technologies: Our software solutions are delivered through cloud-based technologies, providing strong results in efficiency, control and quality.
  • Sustainability & Traceability: Our intelligent software solutions underpin first-class traceability and sustainability practices globally, whilst delivering bottom line profitability.


Why AVC One?

The trusted partner of choice, providing leading edge technology for UK business through our UK channel of partners.

High impact delivery: providing access to quality tech and expertise, adding value to your brand and delivering outcomes that can be measured.

A growth partner: helping you win new business by supporting strong customer relationships, allowing you to scale and meet customer requirements.

Specialist knowledge: deep-rooted sector expertise, real-time industry knowledge allows us to evolve and innovate around market dynamics.

Team extension: we’ll give you the focus-time to concentrate on winning business, providing insights and support for now and in the future

Solid and reliable: access to market leading technology underpinned by decades of expertise with a service-first focus.

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