Enabling work from home without dominating your personal space.

Work From Home (WFH) is a new reality for millions of people thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures.

Businesses are beginning to understand that, with modern communication tools, WFH is possible in many instances and can be beneficial to costs and productivity. This is speeding up the adoption of permanent WFH schemes.

Spoke from AVC Labs is working to solve the unintended consequence of widespread WFH…our homes are becoming overrun by our new makeshift offices!

As many of us make the permanent switch to working from home a lot more of the time we will need more robust, integrated and unobtrusive home office solutions. 

Ergonomic Workspace with Integrated
Power, Networking & Unified Comms.

8x Power Sockets

Built-in Networking

Modern VoIP Handset

Unifed Comms Package

Ergonomic Design

Safe & Secure

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