The ultimate platform for consumer brand engagement.

Manufactured in the UK, PowrUp is a unique charging station that not only attracts the consumer by offering a free essential service, it also provides a much needed additional profit centre for all vendors.

PowrUp charging stations provide world leading brands the opportunity to engage directly with consumers which will allow data collection and analysis.

The integrated screen and Airblocks 4 integration allows realtime control of screen content and can be used for revenue generating advertising.

Bistro Style

  • Charges 10 devices at once
  • Plug and Play System
  • Provides the ultimate consumer/brand experience
  • 18.5” fully computerised digital portal (touch screen option) for advertising, including wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Fully integrated with Airblocks 4 for real-time content management
  • Supplied with 3 branded high stools
  • Interchangeable “point of sale” around main body with branding on plate glass top and body
  • Stands out and is easily identified.

Casual Dining

  • Charges 12 devices at once
  • Incorporates 3 x 240v power sockets for laptop charging
  • Supplied with 4 cushioned “Tulip” chairs for easy clean and comfort
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Perfect style for any social (not coffee shop) environment.
  • 18.5” fully computerised digital screen (touch screen option) for advertising including wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Fully integrated with Airblocks 4 for real-time content management

Features & Benefits of Powrup

Brand Awareness

The slick unique style of both the Bistro and Casual dining charging stations provide multiple highly visible areas for branding.


The computerised screen allows any content to be transmitted via Airblocks, bringing any advertising campaign to life.

Dwell Time

Consumers stay longer, buy more and provide glowing feedback on social media.

Airblocks & QR Codes

Airblocks Smart Messaging QR codes provide links from PowrUp to a purchase or any form of information.

Low Battery Anxiety

In a recent survey carried out at a UK University, students stated that the only thing worse than a dead battery was a lost phone.

Revenue Generation

By using PowrUp and Airblocks to serve advertising additional revenue streams can be created and sales increased.

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