Internet of Things (IoT)

Overlay IoT data onto existing data to enrich your analytics.

With our IoT sensors providing real-time data back to the Airblocks platformyou are able to overlay environmental and geo-spatial data onto existing business and customer data to enrich your analytics.

The superior visibility provided enables enhanced operational efficiency at scale, positively impacting the cost base of the business and fostering commercial agility.

Environmental Data

Tracking environmental variables in your business environment can provide vital feedback and ensure regulatory compliance. We offer the following sensor options with the Airblocks platform:

  • Temperature – remote temperature monitoring to quickly identify anomalies before they impact the business
  • Humidity – ensure optimum humidity levels are maintained for customer comfort and product longevity CO2 – save energy and maintain optimal air quality for wellbeing and efficiency of employees occupying the space.
  • Smoke Detection
  • Movement (PIR) – tracking movement throughout your location to build a behavioural picture over time
  • Door Opening – track behaviour and gauge consumer intent with door opening and closing sensors.

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Our bespoke IoT solutions are helping Diageo to track their shipments worldwide and get ahead of logistical issues by knowing about them faster.

Global Asset Tracking

Confidently manage your global supply chains with the help of our global asset tracking solutions on the Airblocks platform.

Using our RFID sensors and the power of Airblocks we can provide real-time tracking and health status data on all your assets.

Using our custom alerts module Airblocks can notify you if any of the tracked variables exceed their defined range. This is an especially powerful tool for tracking goods in transit.

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