Guest Wi-Fi

GDPR-compliant, guest WiFi service providing an engaging customer utility.

Today’s consumers are mobile-centric and expect wi-fi access to be available in hospitality venues, retail environments and public spaces.

In return for providing an engaging, safe and secure public wi-fi service, our clients are able to gather essential customer data, enhance personalisation and brand affinity and, ultimately, increase revenue and loyalty. 

Our guest WiFi solutions are GDPR compliant and intuitive for users to access and use.

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High Quality Consistent Coverage

Intermittent connectivity, dark spots and offline access points are no longer acceptable, or necessary, with your guest wi-fi system.

Our guest wi-fi networks integrate the best, most modern wireless equipment from a variety of industry leading vendors. Our engineers have the skills and experience to properly survey, plan and install a reliable and secure wireless network.

Our wireless networks are monitored via our cloud-based Airblocks platform so any service disruption is quickly identified and rectified. Our nationwide network of service and maintenance engineers ensure issues requiring a site visit are dealt with quickly to minimise disruption.

Beautiful, Branded & Seamless

With Airblocks you can manage every step of your guest WiFi experience, from login methods and beautifully designed welcome pages, to branding, promotions and advertising.

Our cloud-based Airblocks guest WiFi solution provides an overlay to your WiFi infrastructure, so no extra hardware is required. Setup is quick and everything is managed via our online portal in real-time.

Features & Benefits of Guest Wi-Fi

Hardware Agnostic

Hardware access point agnostic. Compatible with Rukus, Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti for hassle-free migration.

Cloud Based

Airblocks provides a seamless, unified management layer accessible from everywhere securely.

Flexible Content

Range of campaign templates covering terms acceptance, data collection, Mailchimp and Surveymonkey integration and advertising.

Powerful Analytics

Registered users and usage timeline data captured to enable re-marketing activities.


Data can be exported to ERP systems for further analysis.

Safe & Secure

Safe and secure walled garden to prevent sites with malware or inappropriate content from being viewed.


Our Guest Wi-Fi solutions are enabling Kwikfit to provide a better customer experience in their 700+ nationwide service centres.

Access to the Airblocks 4 platforms provides a unified management layer for all their content creation and data analytics.

Proximity Marketing

Adding additional data acquisition points to your wireless network, in the form of Airblocks beacons, facilitates the addition of location data.

This ability to position your customers within your venue unlocks additional service features such as wayfinding, push notifications for promotions and smart messaging. 

The data captured during the delivery of these services provides additional layers of customer intimacy, location analytics which allow you to understand customer behaviour better and make more informed decisions.

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