Digital Signage

Our customers enjoyed a 33% increase in sales after adopting digital signage.

Digital Signage is proven to be an effective communication solution that dramatically out-performs its traditional, non-digital competitors. Popular applications include visitor management and wayfinding at public venues, menu boards and advertising in retail spaces, and  corporate reception areas and notice boards.

AVC’s digital signage service is a cloud-based content delivery platform which enables exceptional, granular content control across your estate for greater personalisation and effectiveness.

Our proprietary Airblocks platform is hardware agnostic to maximise screen/player compatibility allowing us to seamlessly migrate client’s existing estates onto Airblocks or provide a full hardware, software and maintenance solution for new projects.

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Features & Benefits of Digital Signage

Hardware Agnostic

Screen and player agnostic for maximum compatibility and ease of migration.

Cloud Based

Airblocks provides a seamless, unified management layer accessible from everywhere securely.

Flexible Content

Industry-leading granular content control allows you to schedule content to specific frames of specific screens remotely.

Content Management

  • Cloud-based content management system hosting images, videos, audio and apps for network delivery
  • Accessible from any internet-connected device at any time Data encryption and Two Factor Authentication to preserve system security and your data privacy
  • Hierarchical content approval process allows you to engage your whole team without losing editorial control
  • Unlimited storage capacity for media content items
  • App library for news feeds, localised weather data, traffic information etc.
  • HTML-based custom apps to bring your unique ideas to life.

Extra Services

Extra Motorway Services operate 10 motorway service facilities across the UK including fuel, food, meeting facilities and hotels.

Extra have commissioned AVC One to provide a turnkey managed digital signage solution at their sites to display advertising, customer information and other content.

Realtime content control that can't be matched

Channels, Frames & Playlists

  • Unlimited customisable channels with flexible frameset and frame configuration
  • Unlimited media playlists for effective content targeting
  • Flexible scheduling at individual media item level by day and time
  • Conditional content display rules at individual media level to override global display rules
  • DVB-T framework support for live TV.

Sites, Players & Player Groups

  • Granular screen-level targeting of content
  • Powerful player grouping rules for regional variations, service portfolio targeting by location and more
  • Screen scheduling to control when each device is on, maximising lifespan and saving energy.

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