Digital Data & Content

Unlocking your data potential

Hardware agnostic digital signage solutions to drive customer engagement with your brand and increase sales.

Safe, secure and fast guest wi-fi, managed centrally from our Airblocks platform for marketing and data capture.

Capture, analyse and overlay data from IoT end points to improve your efficiency, drive down costs and enhance decision making.


Airblocks is our proprietary cloud platform that lets you capture contextual data to better understand your customers and communicate with them more effectively as individuals.

Airblocks delivers new sales growth and drives operational efficiency by capturing previously untapped data insights.

Airblocks achieves this through a complimentary suite of digital services – including smart digital signage, guest WiFi services, presence analytics and environmental sensors.

Deployed across your estate to bring data at scale to your fingertips and unlock its potential, Airblocks provides a competitive advantage for the digital age.

Driving Innovation & Collaboration

Our continuous R&D investment into our proprietary technology solutions allows us to continually innovate with our customers and partners to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Airblocks delivers your data to industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and more.

Hosted securely and reliably within the Google Cloud Platform to ensure uptime, performance and data integrity.

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